Jason Levy (Combined Services 800m Champion 1996)

Until I started training with Pete ‘Roscoe’ Ross in 1990 I was a talented but unmotivated athlete. He changed my whole attitude towards training and instilled in me self-belief that has helped me in my running and all aspects of my life.

As a 400m runner having some success at Royal Air Force athletics I was injured and required major surgery on my ankle. After a protracted period of rehabilitation, Roscoe’s encouragement and his unsurpassed knowledge convinced me I could be a top athlete.

I was 22 a time when most athletes already had reached the top of their profession. From running my first 400m races in 52 secs, under Roscoe’s tutelage I achieved a sub 50second 400m (48 secs) on my first full season, 4 seconds faster than my previous PB!

Due to the weakness of my ankles my training had to be adapted to swimming pool workouts. Numerous mornings and late nights were spent ‘Aqua jogging’ and my rehab work consisted on building up my strength and stamina with non-impact training. Pete would often remind me this was how race horses would be nursed back from injury.

My athletics career over (just waiting to be 40 so I can compete as a veteran), I have maintained a level of fitness many a 20 year old would envy. My achievements are as follows: Combined Services Champion several years running, Midland County No. 2 over 800mtrs with PB’s of 47.3 and 1.52.3 for my chosen disciplines. Pete’s contribution to these achievements has been immense. He was an iconic figure amongst fitness professionals in the armed forces: if your serious about health & fitness check out his qualifications and experience and give him a call!

Chris Mackie ex-Parachute Regiment/ RAF PTI and 2005 Coal Race Winner

‘I first met Pete in 1994 when I was a trainee Physical Training Instructor at the RAF School of Physical Training, where he instructed my intake on the theory of physical training. Throughout our numerous sessions with him I realised there was something a bit special about this guy. I was astonished that he never had to refer to any lecture notes, or prompts, and the information seemed to be coming straight out of his head and he loved answering difficult training questions; this was something I’d never witnessed before! Having a good grasp of physical training techniques from my time as a British Army paratrooper I thought “this guy really knows his stuff.” This certainly made for interesting and informative lectures.

After graduating I enlisted Pete’s help to train for the 1995 World Coal Carrying Championship (an uphill 1012m course carrying 50 kg of coal on your back). He designed a 3 month training programme for me. I was shocked when I came 3rd in a really fast time of 4 min 12 secs. I was really expecting a slower time, because of my previous attempts in this competition. The speed and power Pete’s programme gave me was phenomenal!

Unfortunately, due to work commitments it was another 10 years before I attempted the Coal Race again. At the age of 36 I realised this was going to be a challenge. After Pete adjusted the programme to suit my current physical condition and advancing age! I entered the 2005 Coal Race and won! What’s more I won the Scottish championship 2 months later. I’d done the double, a feat only two other athletes have achieved! As an added bonus I broke my 800m track PB with a time of 1 min 58 secs 2 weeks later. I’d always wanted to go under 2 min for 800m, and at last, thanks to Pete’s programme I was fit enough to do that. Thanks to Pete’s knowledge and experience I’d finally achieved all my athletic ambitions.

If you want to achieve fitness and have a healthier lifestyle; or even want to become a world-class athlete contact Pete Ross because he’s the best there is: no question!

Helen Burton – Finance secretary/housewife

I started working with Pete a few months after the birth of my second child. I was overweight lethargic, but keen to get back into exercise, and try something different. I had worked out occasionally with a personal trainer, but never anyone quite like Pete! He assessed my goals and helped me make them challenging yet (just about achievable). I had a weigh in every week and kept a food and exercise diary. I saw Pete weekly, and quite honestly say there was never a dull moment! A personal trainer is not a cheap option, but I saw it as an investment, and I think he was worth every penny. Pete’s level of knowledge is amazing. Within months, I had lost my excess weight and shaped up; but more importantly, to me, I had rediscovered my motivation to keep fit and exercise. The sessions were always varied and interesting, and although they were never easy, I felt a sense of achievement at the end of each session. Pete pushed me every time, and his sessions were really progressive- he was constantly working to move me forward.

Pete has instilled in me a desire to keep moving forward with exercise. I still workout, and still keep an exercise diary to track my progress, and probably always will, thanks to him.

Susan Cumine - Housewife, all-round athlete

Pete has been my Pilates instructor for over 2 years. I joined a class of 6 and then also started to have one to one sessions. After years of riding horses, I used to suffer with back ache and pain for a number of years which also gave me neck, hip and leg discomfort I was helped by my physiotherapist who suggested trying Pilates, hence finding Pete.

Pete has helped me strengthen my body so I could complete some challenges that I wanted to achieve. I have run a marathon, done the three peaks challenge, and walked/skied across Baffin Island pulling my 80lb sledge, a few years ago I would be in agony just walking around the shops with my daughter.

Pete will work on your body’s weakness and I now know, and can do, the exercise needed to relieve “an ache”. Pete is always enthusiastic and will always discuss your requirements as well as work you hard