New beginners' class

As 2015 creeps in (can't believe it's nearly 2015) I've had a request to run a beginner's Pilates class at the Equlibrium Studio, Forest Gate, Chippenham. The cost will be £9 per hourly session with 5 sessions paid up-front (£45) on a use-it -or-lose-it on-going 5 weekly basis. If you're genuinely interested in making significant changes to your health and fitness (regardless of your current fitness levels-within reason) and in taking steps to becoming a more functional human being read, no study, 'Ethical Pilates' on my blog. If you're not prepared to undertake this elementary research and buy into my philosophy this is clearly not for you. For those who are curious and keen to make 'game changing' improvements in their health and well being- take a look at my experience and qualifications: perhaps I can help?

I propose to start the first class on Tuesday January the 20th at 1100 hrs. If you're thinking of applying it's imperative you make this first session. For those who have medical conditions (minor or otherwise) you may need GP clearance before you can participate. I insist upon this as a duty of care, so if you have any doubts please contact your GP soonest. I will e-mail the necessary screening forms to clarify this issue upon request. Of course you can also contact me directly. I only operate a cell size of 6 students so the quality of tuition and your individual progress is optimised; so I'd advise contacting myself on my website or on my recently resurrected FB page ( PETE ROSS FITNESS) -or through the charming receptionist at the Equilibrium studio- as soon as possible.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Xmas and a healthy and Happy New Year.